I believe in informed choices.  I will work with you and your family to achieve a safe and effective treatment that you want.



I offer a range of services in gynaecology, some of which include laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, treatment of abnormal pap smears, abnormal period and period pain, infertility investigations, gynaecological tumours, contraceptions, menopausal symptoms, uterovaginal prolapse and urinary incontinence.


No Gap Fee

Patients will not be charged a GAP FEE for any gynaecological procedures in my rooms or in hospital. Private Patients will be covered by their Private Health Funds.  Public Patients will be covered by Medicare.



Baby with bowI offer obstetrics services, including high risk obstetrics to care for you during pregnancy and childbirth.  I am aware this is a very special occasion in your life and I will help you to make your pregnancy a happy and safe experience.


I am flexible with different models of care to suit your needs, including managing your whole pregnancy and childbirth, or just your antenatal care, share antenatal care with your family GP, or just your delivery if you prefer to have a booked induction of labour or an elective Caesarean section.


When you contact my rooms a letter will be forwarded to you outlining how I propose to care for you in pregnancy.  I participate in the gap cover scheme for inpatients of obstetric fees.


I aim to be at all deliveries and am happy to be called in if there are any concerns.