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Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ


Q.  Do I need a referral?

A. You will need a referral from your GP if you wish to claim a rebate from Medicare. You will need the referral the first time you see me and the referral lasts 12 months if from your GP. If you bring a referral from another specialist then that referral will only last 3 months.

Q.  What are my expenses?

A. If you are an obstetric patient my fees and the rebates will be discussed over the telephone and handed out at your first visit.

No Gap Fee

A. Patients will not be charged a GAP FEE for any gynaecological procedures in my rooms or in hospital. Private Patients will be covered by their Private Health Funds.  Public Patients will be covered by Medicare.

Q. Antenatal Classes and Hospital Bookings?

A. I deliver babies at Kareena Private Hospital, The Sutherland Hospital, St George Private Hospital and St George Public Hospital.  If you do not already know which hospital you would prefer I shall discuss that with you at your initial visit.  Hospital tours are conducted at all hospitals. To arrange a tour on the Maternity section you can call Kareena Private on 9717.0000; The Sutherland Hospital on 9540.7111; St George Private Hospital on 9598.5392 and St George Public Hospital on 9113.2125.
Ladies wishing to delivery at Kareena Private Hospital or St George Private Hospital you are able to book on-line and their office will contact you for an appointment with a Midwife to discuss all aspects of your health and up to date results.  If you decide to attend The Sutherland Hospital you need to complete a Pre-Admission booklet and take it along to the hospital and the Midwives will contact you for an interview around 30-week gestation and this also happens with St George Public Hospital.